Where do you get your information?

The Polling Place aims to provide the most comprehensive set of information possible, which means we collect data from all sources applicable to a candidate — from candidate websites and news stories, to Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. To find more about the sources we cite, you can scroll down to the bottom of any candidate’s page, where there will be a list of all applicable sources.

What makes The Polling Place different from other voter information websites?

Other voter information websites, such as Ballotpedia and BallotReady, do an excellent job with candidate profiles. However, due to their national focus, they focus on national and higher-profile candidates, rather than local elections, which affect Americans’ day to day lives more than any other. In addition, other voter information website prioritize a candidate’s general background, rather than providing detailed information. As a result, casting an informed vote at local, state, and national elections remains difficult and time-intensive for many Americans. The Polling Place bridges the accessibility gap with a comprehensive database of background, platform, and voting record for all candidates.

Are you nonpartisan?

Yes. The Polling Place is a nonpartisan organization aimed at making informed voting accessible for all voters. The order of candidates is either random or alphabetical. All descriptive and partisan words are removed and edited from original sources during our research process. If candidates have varying amounts of information, it is because that is all the information available to our researchers on the Internet. Any depth of information on a candidate’s profile is unrelated to party affiliation. We strive to be as unbiased and meticulous as possible during our research process. Should any candidate or user have a question or concern about our research process, they can contact us here.

How do I know that all content is accurate?

Our team spends hours researching candidates, so that every word in our candidate profiles is fact-checked and accurate. Before being uploaded onto the website, candidate information has been verified multiple times. Should any candidate or user have a question or concern about our research process or any information on the website, they can contact us here.

Who runs this organization?

The Polling Place prides itself on being a youth-led organization. The Polling Place was founded by five college and high school students: Karsen Wahal, a sophomore at Stanford University; Anya Wahal, a senior at Georgetown University; Alicia Wu, a senior at Harvard University, Anuka Upadhye, a junior at George Washington University; and Madhura Shembekar, a freshman at Georgetown University. On a national level, The Polling Place is now led by a new team of directors, including Karsen Wahal, Jack Day, Catherine Jeon, Lexie Minvielle, Elly Kang, Jade Wang, and Audrey Xu. Each state has one to two regional directors, in charge of managing operations for their respective states and leading teams in charge of research, the website, and social media/outreach.

Detailed information can be found on the Team page.

How can I help?

You can help by donating to support our cause, by researching candidates we haven’t gotten to yet, and by applying to join our organization. You can also help by spreading the word about our organization, so that we reach as many voters as possible! Finally, if you want to help in a different way (e.g. connecting The Polling Place to other related organizations that could expand our reach), please contact us.

Thank you for your support!