Our Mission

Casting an informeddata-driven vote in today’s political climate has become nearly impossible. Candidate information is inaccessible, disorganized, and sometimes even absent.

This lack of accessibility drives the shockingly low voter turnout in our country. In 2016, voter turnout was at a twenty-year low for the presidential election. Turnout for local elections was even lower.

These missing votes matter. They define our national, state, and local representation. They identify the issues that we, as Americans, care about, and drive our reforms and policies. 

In recognizing the inherent accessibility problem in our political system, we founded The Polling Place. We recognize that it’s easier to be influenced by well-made Instagram graphics and 140-character tweets than it is to read through extensive candidate websites and legal documents.

We’re cutting out partisan jargon to make voting accessible for every American. At The Polling Place, we’ve engineered a comprehensive database of the most accurate and detailed information that will translate into real policy.

We want you to make the decisions—  to take your vote in your hands, and cast it where it matters. Every political office matters, from your senator to your county commissioner, and every vote makes a difference.