Rob Astorino

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Rob Astorino is a politician, radio producer and T.V. host. Astorino grew up in Thornwood, New York and later attended Fordham University. After college, he would work as a radio host on Inside Sports on WFAS and the Sports Channel television network. In 2001, he would later create the 1050 ESPN radio in New York. By 2003, he would start his political career by running and becoming the County Legislator for Mount Pleasant, Pleasantville, North Castle and West Harrison By 20 already taken office as Westchester’s County Executive and ran against Andrew Cuomo in the gubernatorial election, which he lost in.

Key Issues

Taxes and Affordability

Astorino is not a fan of what he thinks is too much spending in the NY government. He believes NY state government takes too much money from taxes and spends too much of it too. As governor he would work to lower property taxes, support a spending and borrowing cap and increase solar, wind, hydro and natural gas energy to reduce utility costs.


As governor, Astorino would work to encourage school choice by expanding the number of charter schools and passing the Education Investment Tax Credit which would increase donations and non-profit scholarships for those looking to go into private schools. He would also work to increase STEM and life skills programs, would ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory and make sure all schools open in person next school year.

The Economy

In a state where he feels business are over-regulated and over-taxed, Astorino would work as governor to reduce taxes for business, invest to fix infrastructure, increase natural gas and renewable energy uses, strengthen NY’s agricultural heritage and economy and eliminate ‘burdensome’ regulations and mandates on businesses to bring NY’s economy back to where he feels it needs to be.

Public Safety

Astorino feels that NY recently has been too lenient with violent offenders, increasing violence in our communities. As governor, he would work to live less graciousness to habitual offenders, repeal the ‘No Cash Bail’ ( ), reform the parole system and invest more in police officers.


In terms of environment, Astorino would work to increase solar panel use, preserve open space at Stuart Farm and the Teatown Reservation, launch the River Rescue program, pass Toxic Toy (this works to have toy manufacturers disclose the harmful chemicals used to make toys) law and increase the use of natural gas and renewable resources.

Public Health

After witnessing the COVID-19 pandemic, Astorino would work to strengthen our hospital system, increase public health campaigns (especially those that would promote healthier living), and expand nutritional literacy in schools.


NY State Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy