Gregg Abbott

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Incumbent


Greg Abbott graduated from the University of Texas in 1981 and Vanderbilt University Law School in 1984. Abbott formerly served as judge of the 129th State District Court from 1992 to 1996 and as a Texas Supreme Court Justice from 1996 to 2001. At the completion of his tenure as the 50th Attorney General of Texas, Abbott is Texas’ longest-serving Attorney General. In the 2005 U.S. Supreme Court case Van Orden v. Perry, Abbott successfully advocated for the Texas State Capitol to display the Ten Commandments on a monument. In 2020, he was named “Best Governor in the Nation” by conservative economists from Laffer Associates. Abbott’s wife, Cecilia, pioneered Texanthropy- an initiative to promote volunteerism and service to others across Texas. His only daughter, Audrey Abbott, received a bachelor’s degree from USC in music industry management.

Key Issues


Abbott advocates cutting property and business franchise taxes. As the Governor, he has repealed $250 million worth of professional fees and delivered a $4 billion tax relief package. Abbott has also issued a $2.5 billion cut from the business franchise tax- a 25 percent decrease- and a billion dollar cut from property taxes. Abbott’s Working Texans Plan recommends amending the Texas Constitution to grant the Governor line-item reduction veto authority over the state budget. It also recommends clear and concise transparency requirements for the disclosure of debt information to voters in state and local bond elections. 


Abbott’s “Front of the Line” Veterans Policy proposed that a local option be provided for commercial property tax exemptions for each full-time, newly-hired veteran. He also proposed a local option property tax exemption for veteran entrepreneurs. He has expressed interest in provisions increasing funding to the Texas Veterans Commission to work to reduce the wait time for care.

Gun Policy

Abbott supports the constitutional provisions of the 2nd Amendment, namely the right to keep and bear arms, namely in the context of the potential handgun ban struck down by landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision (District of Columbia v. Heller). As an avid advocate of “campus carry” and “open carry,” Abbott intends to fight any federal government efforts to restrict the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding Texans.


Abbott advocates for tougher border security laws in order to prevent drug cartels and human traffickers from importing crime into Texas. He previously signed legislation requiring state agencies to participate in E-Verify to ensure state money goes only to legal immigrants.

Criminal Justice

Abbott wants to crack down on violent crime and gangs through an anti-gang strike force. During the most recent legislative session, he signed a law banning sanctuary cities in Texas.


Abbott wants to promote parental engagement and effective teaching through the Teach for America program. He wishes to enact greater flexibility measures in order to offset one-size-fits-all mandates. By the year 2025, Abbott aims to have the number of students scoring satisfactory or better on statewide third grade assessments double over current levels.


Abbott advocates preventing cities and counties from using tax dollars to fund abortions and similar sexual healthcare services. He intends to continually increase funding toward adoption services.


Donald Trump, former U.S. President

National Border Patrol Council

The Texas Cattle Feeders, Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND & 14 other agricultural groups

National Rifle Association

Ted Cruz, U.S. Senator

Frmr. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders

The Houston Chronicle

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Texas Alliance Oil & Gas PAC

Texas Association of Business

Texas Food & Fuel Association PAC

Texas Oil & Gas Association – TXOGA PAC