Judy Rutkowski

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


Judy Rutkowski studied to become a registered nurse in Illinois. After moving to Fountain Hills, Rutkowski worked as a classroom volunteer and in the school’s health office. Currently, she works as a school nurse for Scottsdale Unified School District [2]. Rutkowski has volunteered in school activities, the local church and church choir, band booster parent, and as a host parent for a foreign exchange student [1]. She and her husband have also presented annual tobacco-use prevention programs [2].

Key Issues


Rutkowksi supports proper funding and review of all budget items [2]. During her first term on the School Board, she supported the effort to increase teachers’ pay [3].

Parental Involvement

Rutkowski supports involving parents’ voices in the school district [4].


Rutkowski believes that schools must teach basic reading, writing, etc and history. She does not support teaching of Critical Race Theory and gender identity. She wants teachers to encourage freedom of speech and debate in classrooms [2].


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