A.C. Cordoza

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Incumbent


Cordoza graduated with an associate of science degree in information technology in 2016 at Thomas Nelson Community College, followed by a BS in management information systems at Norfolk State University in 2017. Cordoza had previously enlisted in the United States Air Force and honorably concluded his service after three years to pursue his education. Cordoza also worked as a Mutual Fund Analyst with Liberty Source PBC, Uber and Lyft driver, and as an Engineering Technician with Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc [1].

Cordoza began his works in politics as a Canvasser with the Community Voters Project  and Field Manager with Progressive Future during the Obama Campaign in 2008, before later transitioning to the Republican Party during the 2010s. Cordoza was first elected to public office in 2021, winning the election for Delegate of Virginia’s 91st District despite being outspent 16:1 in the election – he is now running to represent the same areas of Hampton in the redistricted District 86 [1].

Key Issues


Cordoza wants to maintain abortion regulations that are similar to those already in place (i.e. 26 week limit) and strongly opposes any expansion of abortion rights beyond those already provided by the state [6].


Cordoza wants to reduce surpluses in the Commonwealth of Virginia by reducing unnecessary tax hikes on Virginians and the cost of living for the working class, considering the challenges posed by rising inflation [6].


Cordoza wants to support measures to ensure veterans in Virginia receive adequate retirement pay in order to promote the retention of military personnel in Virginia’s communities [6].


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