Adam Kraemer

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Adam Kraemer earned a bachelor’s degree in geography and economics at Colgate University and an M.A. and an M.Ed. from Columbia University’s Teachers College for graduate studies. Kraemer has worked as a credit representative for Inteplast and a teacher for Livingston High School. He ran for more than ten elections in Essex County for positions on the school board, one as county clerk, and one as freeholder.

Key Issues


Kramer believes that the Democratic party in the district has led to excessive spending, inefficiency, and cronyism as he argues that the fully Democratic Essex County Board of Commissioners lacks a check on their power and spending from Republicans in the state [2]. In addition, Kramer believes that excessive taxation alongside excessive bureaucracy has muddled effective policies for the Board. He wants utilities, school boards, and city government to share services such that the government is more effective and less costly [3].


As a former worker in the private sector, Kraemer believes that he has experience in supporting business and working around excessive regulation. Alongside excessive taxation, Kramer wants to more closely review bid specifications from businesses to support economic growth [4].


Essex County GOP


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