Adam Theo

Key Facts

Party Independent
Status Challenger


Adam Theo spent the last nine years as a communications consultant and video producer within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He also spent nine years as a structural civil engineer working with the U.S. Air Force Reserves and was deployed to Afghanistan’s eastern border in 2011. Theo worked in communications and media production, and worked as a manager and trainer. He also spent five years in information technology and computer network administration [2].

Theo served as Vice-President of the Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association and as a voting delegate to the Arlington County Civic Federation [1]. He served as chair of the local Libertarian party from 2017 to 2021. As a teenager, Theo spent four months in a Florida jail for petty financial crime [1].

Key Issues


Theo is in favor of implementing 100% renewable energy and expanding open spaces. Theo supports the C-PACE plan to have the county act as a matchmaker between financing sources and businesses for solar panels. He is also in favor of the Amazon Arlington Solar Farm plan for larger implementation of solar power [6].


Theo wants to provide incentives for developers to incorporate environmental concerns into neighborhood planning, and he wants to protect and expand green spaces [6]. He supports safer streets and transit systems, particularly for pedestrians, cyclists, bus riders, and people with disabilities [1].


Theo is in favor of empowering the County Auditor office to release reports on any fraud, waste, or abuse it finds. He supports government transparency and wants to reform local elections using ranked choice voting [1].

Criminal Justice

Theo supports criminal justice reform to help police focus on issues such as domestic violence and violent crimes. He wants to use trained professionals in areas such as mental health, homelessness assistance, and parking in order to improve efficiency and preserve safety and liberty [1].


Theo advocates for allowing more moderate-density housing types in order to strengthen Arlington’s middle class and lower housing prices. He also wants to lower real estate property tax rates and build more emergency homelessness shelters and permanent supportive housing [1].


Theo wants smarter spending and prioritizes public safety, local business aid, and environmental spending [4].


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