Agninshalah Collins

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status: Challenger


Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Agninshalah Collins served in the NYPD where she was elected the Chapter Chair for her union representing technicians in the police force. Alongside her work in the NYPD, Collins attended the College of New Rochelle where she earned a BA in Communications. Later on, she attended the Cornell Institute for Labor Studies and earned a certification in Labor Relations [3]. Collins also founded Shalah’s Corner, an online shop selling children’s clothing and published a book focused on her own experiences [2].

Key Issues


Collins prioritizes transparency, accountability and citizen input in county governance and believes the city government should push forward with programs to combat substance abuse and its effects on mental health [3].



Collins worked as the Communications Coordinator for the non-profit organization In Arms Reach based in Harlem, NY. The organization focuses on bringing education to the children of incarcerated parents through extra tutoring, one-on-one mentoring, and school programs [4].


Law Enforcement

Having served in the NYPD, Collins believes that the city government can protect communities by supporting law enforcement and first responders [2].


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