Alan Aversa

Key Facts

Party Nonpartisan
Status Challenger


Alan Aversa graduated from the University of Arizona in 2006, earning a BS in physics and astronomy and minors in mathematics and Italian. He was a TA for his E&M class in college, which inspired his passion for teaching, leading him to become a physics and computer programming instructor [4].

Aversa is currently a Software Programming Instructor for Codementor. In the past, he has worked for Catholic Technical Institute as an on-demand tutor and for Varsity Tutors as a college-level physics, programming, and mathematics tutor [2]. Aversa is interested in philosophy and has conducted research in areas including superstar clusters and initial mass function of brown dwarf stars [1].

Key Issues


Aversa supports the promotion of STEM programs in the community and making sure that instructional quality is improved within Arizona schools [4].


Aversa wants to ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent efficiently in the community in a way that will improve education [4].


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