Alan Harwell Jr.

Key Facts

Party Republican
Race Ward 3
Status Challenger


Alan Harwell Jr. was born in Tucson, Arizona, and is Christian. He did not complete high school and is proud of that; he is also proud that he was not pressured by gangs in his neighborhood and city. After being in rehabilitation for an injury, Harwell switched from being a Democrat like his family to the Republican Party, and became a Precinct Committeeman in Legislative District 9 in Arizona.

Key Issues


Alan wants to increase funding for the Police. He also hopes to change how the Chief of Police is put in their position – through election, not appointment.


Harwell is adamant about implementing citizen score cards for teachers and administrators and for having cameras in school classrooms for the safety of children.


Harwell is determined to fix potholes in roads and increase water supply and city parks. He wants a decrease in the planting of trees.


He strives to revising council elections so that wards choose their council member.


Harwell elects for keeping businesses open and encourages local businesses in order to support families and communities; he is intolerant of racial discrimination of grants and loans.


Alan will ensure that the Child Safety, Police, and Courts Departments will share information and restore the rights of parents, grandparents, and guardians.


None listed