Alicia Purdy

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Purdy was born and raised in the Capital Region and moved into Albany in 2001. She holds a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting and a master’s degree in journalism. She has covered everything from government to religion in her career. She is the managing editor of several publishing companies and has traveled the globe writing and editing.

Key Issues


Purdy is against abortion and has said that it is the most “intentionally racist & heinous action ever perpetuated upon mankind and yet people of all races laud it as progressive, evolved and even godly.”


Purdy wants to implement solutions that work in the long-term and bring lasting changes, not short term solutions that do not fix things.


Purdy believes that Albany, as the capital city of the “capital state of the world”, should be drowning in taxes, not have families that are food insecure. Purdy pledges to make the city more welcoming to new busiinesses, more stable for locally-owned businesses, and more diverse with greater opportunities for communities of color.




Alicia Purdy
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