Allen Skillicorn

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Allen Skillicorn graduated from Elgin Community College with an Associate of Arts. Skillicorn is a former Illinois state representative, having served since 2017 before resigning in 2021. He is also an internet sales coordinator and a therapy dog handler. For 13 years, he was a marketing manager at Power Electronic International, Inc., before entering public office [2]. As a state representative, he authored over 100 bills in the legislature [3].

Key Issues


Skillicorn believes that the town receives sufficient revenue. He believes a big property tax would harm residents and be unnecessary for the town. Skillicorn supports budget spending cuts for everything but public safety [3]. He believes large spending drives inflation and hurts the middle class [4].


Skillicorn has expressed that to generate more revenue in sales tax and boost the economy, the town needs to attract more visitors. He has also expressed interest in organizing weekday events to attract visitors and increase local businesses [5].


Skillicorn wants to repair neighborhood streets. He supports development and projects that do not remove the small-town feel of Fountain Hills [3].

Public Safety

Skillicorn wants to prioritize public safety and apply savings for more sheriff deputies on residential streets [3].


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