Alvin Bragg

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenager


Alvin Bragg was born and raised in Harlem. Bragg would later graduate from Trinity School, earning a BA in Government from Harvard University, and earn his JD from Harvard Law School. As a lawyer, Bragg has served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, in which he prosecuted many cases such as corrupt lawyers/politicians and drug cartels. Bragg has also worked as an Executive Deputy Attorney General, in which he investigated police killings, tenant harassment, discrimination in the workplace, etc. Braggs now works as a visiting professor/co-director of the Racial Justice Justice at New York Law and a Board of Director at The Legal Aid.

Key Issues


To help support survivors of sexual crimes, Braggs will work to create a more survivor oriented sex-crimes unit, in which the prosecution will work to look at the details of a case. The new crime unit will also work to evaluate its effectiveness through metrics such as increasing referrals instead of conviction rates and have the trauma survivors have had be the center of the investigations.

Public Safety

To decrease the amount of gun violence, Braggs as DA would work to incorporate more community intervention efforts such as street outreach programs, target locations that crime spots and determine based on circumstance whether a person caught should be put in rehabilitation centers or jail, develop technology that will target gun traffickers and will work to pass gun laws that reduce gun laws.

Civil Rights

To combat racial disparities in cases, Bragg will work to have a team track data about the disparities, address police misconduct to people of color, get rid of the NYPD ‘gang database’, address more white collar crimes, work to look into a different way to prosecute low level offenses, and more.


To combat the injustices many have experienced from employers, Bragg as DA will work to create a Worker Protection Unit that will target violators, give services such as translators/social services to those in need, prosecute wage theft in states such as larceny and fraud, enforce workplace safety laws, protect children from child labor, and more.


To combat housing issues, Bragg will work to conduct audits on unlawful rent increases/tenant harassment, create a Housing Protection Bureau that protect tenants from unlawful rent increases, look to include legislation that will help the DA look into financing agreements in unlawful deregulation cases and use civil asset forfeiture funds to assist supportive housing for reentering citizens.


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