Amanda L. Pohl

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


manda Pohl graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in political science and government, from Virginia Commonwealth University with an MS in patient counseling, from Baptist Theological Seminary with a master of divinity, and from Virginia Commonwealth University with a master of social work in social work administration and policy practice. She has worked as an adjunct professor at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and at Virginia Commonwealth University, as a course development consultant at Syracuse University, and as a Hospital Chaplain at CJW Medical Center. Amanda Pohl has served as an intake specialist at Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Virginia Inc., as Director of Communications for Virginia Organizing, as Data Systems and Evaluation Director at Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance, as Programs Director for ReflectUS, and as Executive Director of Deliver My Vote. She currently works as a strategy consultant at Amanda Pohl Consulting. She is a member of her local NAACP and was on the executive board [1, 2, 4].

Key Issues


Pohl wants to seek feedback from the community on ways to improve the Circuit Court [1, 3, 6].


Pohl wants to ensure that public information is available to the public [1, 3, 6].


Pohl wants to increase the availability of services for those who cannot access the Circuit Court during the workday. She wants to improve service delivery by increasing what can be done online and increasing mobile community services. She also would like to make the Circuit Court more effective [1, 3, 6].


Peter Dunnaville; Scottie Gates, Attorney; Dot Heffron, Honorable; Jenefer Hughes, Commissioner; Mark Miller, Supervisor; Helen Hardiman, Attorney; Tim Kaine, US Senator; Clarence Dunnaville; Herb Jones; Abigail Spanbergber, Congresswoman; Debra Gardner; Jennifer McClellan, Congresswoman; John Melendez; Ghazala Hashmi, Senator; Jennifer and Milton Ares, Small Business Owners; Virginia Democrats LGBT+ Caucus; Progressive Change Campaign Committee; Run For Something


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