Amit Pandya

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Amit Pandya immigrated from India to the United States with his family when he was fourteen years old. He went to California State University, Hayward, and studied marketing and finance. Pandya also formed a local Filipino American Student Cultural Organization (FASCO) and Indian Student Association (ISA). 

Pandya runs a franchise sandwich restaurant, “Togo’s”, and owns multiple businesses in Salinas and the Bay Area. Pandya has served as a member and chair for the following: Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, Chamber of Commerce, Salinas Food and Wine festival, and the Oldtown Parade of Lights [1].

Key Issues


Pandya supports the creation of a public and private plan to construct affordable housing in Salinas [1].

Public Safety

Pandya wants to recruit and train more public safety employees [1].


Pandya supports increased transparency among elected officials and wants to hold community outreach meetings [1].


Pandya hopes to repair and maintain sidewalks and potholes on the streets. He also wants to reduce traffic issues and congestion. Pandya also wants to increase youth and afterschool programs. He also supports the repairing of restrooms and parks [1].


Orlando Osornio: Salinas Council Member; Tony Barrera: Salinas Council Member; Carla Viviana Gonzalez: Salinas Council Member; Anthony Rocha: Salinas Council Member; Andrew Sandoval: Measure G Oversight Committee Member; Chris Barrera: Measure G Oversight Committee Member; Rick Griffin: Salinas Planning Commission (Retired) ; Joel Hernandez: Salinas Memorial Hospital Board; Sunil Patel: Santa Rita School Board Trustee; Cristina Medina-Dirksonl; Marina Council Member; Karen Araujo: Monterey County MCDCC Chair; Jon Wizard: Seaside Council Member; Alexis Garcia: Arrazola, Seaside Council Member; Yanely Martinez: Greenfield Council Member; Aurelio Salazar: Hartnell Collage Board of Trustee; David Kong: Greenfield Unified Board of Trustees; Phillip Tabera: Trustee, Salinas Highschool Board; Carlos Rubio: Trustee, Salinas Highschool Board; Cary Swensen: Owner of Sylvan Learning ; Dominic Ash: Community Member; Pris Walton: Community Member; Wes White: Community Member; Doug Dunn: Community Member


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