Amy Carney

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Amy Carney is the owner of Parents on Purpose, LLC [3]. Carney is also a leadership parenting coach and a freelance writer, having authored two books — Parent on Purpose and 100 Questions for Mom [5, 8]. Carney participated in protests against the teaching of racism and its history and in the Greenburg Dossier investigation at the end of 2021 [1, 11].

Key Issues


Carney believes in restoring trust and transparency in SUSD’s governing board by letting parents know of school curricula [7]. She supports district leaders abiding by the Arizona Parents Bill of Rights [5].


Carney supports students learning basics in math, writing, and reading, and does not support the teaching of the history of racism and its impacts [5, 12].


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