Andrea Keck

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Andrea Keck graduated with a BSBA degree from Indiana University and an MBA with a double major in finance and marketing from the University of Chicago [1]. Currently, Keck is the founder of DreamRoads, an educational entrepreneur, and a banker [1, 7]. She is a retired brand manager for Kraft Food and NutraSweet [4].

Keck has over 25 years of volunteering experience in academics and eight years of volunteering to help homeless children at T.J. Pappas school [4]. She served as a board member of various non-profit organizations for education, member of the Arizona Business and Education Coalition, and has helped create partnerships and programs for schools. Keck received two-district level distinguished awards [6]. Moreover, she was involved with a team to prevent commercial development in McDowell Sonoran Preserve (Prop 420) [1]. She was also previously the treasurer for Betty Janik’s City Council campaign [8].

Key Issues


Keck believes in increased parent representation with school-age children on the school board [5]. She also wants to allow more ideas from members outside of the school board. She supports “aggressive goals” and measurable metrics to identify the district’s strategic plan and staff performance [1].


Keck wants to improve SUSD’s academic results and add a committee for academics on the Scottsdale Parent Council. She wants to reduce teachings on race, gender, sexuality, and equality and believes that there has been an increase in this education recently [1].


Keck wants to increase academic achievement, so there is an increase in return on investment in SUSD [2]. She believes in increased parent representation as funding for SUSD comes from parents [5.]


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