Anna Thomasson

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


Anna Thomasson graduated with a BA in psychology and business from the University of Oregon and an MBA in Finance at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. Currently, she is the Vice Mayor of Paradise Valley Town Council since January 2022 and previously served as a Councilmember between 2019-2022. She was also a member of the Paradise Valley Board of Adjustment between 2018-2019 [2]. Previously, Thomasson spent 35 years consulting Fortune 500 companies before serving as a managing partner of global consultancies in Seattle, Portland, and Phoenix. Currently, she serves as a member of the Arizona State Bar Board of Governors, Arizona Supreme Court Judicial Court, and other committees and boards [1]. She is an Executive in Residence at the ASU W.P. Carey Business School and a member of the Franciscan Renewal Center [3].

Key Issues


Thomasson supports building new homes, remodeling old homes, and revitalizing resorts, like Smoketree and El Charro, in the next 4 years [9]. She also supports maintaining low-density, one-acre residential lots and managing short-term rentals [7]. Lastly, Thomasson believes in keeping the town’s semi-rural character [9] and open spaces without paving into the desert [1].

Public Safety

Thomasson supports using her experience as the Chair of the Advisory Committee on Public Safety to support the Paradise Valley Police Department [1]. She believes in working with the town council to improve public safety outreach services and resources [9]. Previously, Thomasson has worked on the police strategic plan to fund the police department and developed an article with public safety tips [7].


Thomasson supports advancing resident communication and involvement through technology, such as a weekly email newsletter and resident communication portal [1]. She supports working with the town council to improve town services, update the website [9], and encourage increased communication [11].


Thomasson is fiscally conservative and supports a limited government. She supports using her experience on the Financial Advisory Subcommittee to recommend investment and expenditure changes [7]. During her time as a councilmember [7], Thomasson has worked with the council to avoid an increase in EPCOR water rates, fund the police department, and secure debt financing [11].


Paradise Valley Mayors- Jerry Bien-Willner; Michael Collinn; Scott LeMarr; Vernon Parker; Ed Lowry

Paradise Valley Vice Mayors- Mary Hamway; Dave Sherf; Dan Schweiker; Jini Simpson; Scott Moore; Mark Stanton

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