Anthony J. Becker

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Anthony J. Becker grew up in Santa Clara [1]. He received his AA Film Production from De Anza College and his Bachelor of Science (B.S) in Film Radio & Television Production from San Jose State University. He is currently a council member for the City of Santa Clara. Becker was formerly a member of the County of Santa Clara 2008 Measure A Oversight Committee and City of Santa Clara Architectural Review Committee, and a commissioner for the City of Santa Clara Planning Commission. He additionally was a crew member and editor for CreaTV and a freelance filmmaker [4].

Key Issues


Becker supports creating housing that includes higher percentages of affordable housing. He wants to create more housing in the city which will help gain more property tax for the city, allowing the city to allocate funds to public spaces [1].


Becker wants to create more revenue for the city by hosting more events at Levi’s stadium. He also wants to increase travel and tourism and property tax by quickening the development approval process. He also wants to implement business taxes, cannabis taxes, and decrease funding for unproductive PR firms [1].


Becker supports the re-establishment of the historic downtown of Sanat Clara. He wants to use expiring land in the downtown region to redevelop the land and also wanted to reimplement the Parade of Champions [1].


Becker wants to provide preventative measures and supports collaborations between local governments and nonprofits to provide people with resources before they become homeless. He also supports a faster building approval process, mental health services, and increased emergency assistance [1].


Becker supports increased funding for communication lines and gas-water-sewer lines. He wants to improve older infrastructure with these upgrades and also hopes to work with community builders and PG&E to do this [1].

Public Safety

Becker wants to invest in the DARE program to decrease drug and alcohol reach to students. He also wants to implement more police patrols and work with businesses and neighborhoods. He also wants to increase the number of officers and firefighters who speak languages other than English and increase response to emergency calls. Becker wants to increase substance abuse and mental health crisis individuals in the Mobile Response Team [1].


Stonewall Democrats; Silicon Valley Stonewall Democrats; IBEW Local 332; AFSCME Local 101; AFSCME Council 57; Baymec; Suds Jain: Santa Clara Vice Mayor; Karen Hardy: Santa Clara Councilmember; Kevin Park: Santa Clara Councilmember; Raj Chahal: Santa Clara Councilmember; Alex Lee: Assemblymember; Ash Kalra: Assemblymember; Aisha Wahab: Hayward City Councilmember; Jim Beall: State Senator; Michelle Ryan: Santa Clara School Board Member; Jose Magana: San Jose Unified Board Trustee; Peter Ortix: Santa Clara County Board of Education; Rene Spring: Morgan Hill Councilmember; Patricia Mahan: Santa Clara Mayor (Ret.) Wesley Mukoyama: Community Leader; Joe Garcia: Community Leader; Donna Marencia: Community Leader; Jeannie Mahan: Community Leader; Harbir Bhatia: Community Leader; David Donaldson: Community Leader; Dora Cuadra: Community Leader


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4 City of Santa Clara