Anthony Arthur Sabio

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
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Anthony Sabio attended Saddleback College from 1998 to 2000 studying Sociology. In 2024, he is expecting to graduate from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Aviation [2]. Sabio began his career in 1996 as a Hospital Corpsman serving with the US Marine Corps. While serving with the Marines, he was a training instructor specializing in mountaineering, rock climbing and urban assault. In 2002, he joined the United States Secret Service where he served under President George W. Bush with the Emergency Response Team [1].

In 2007, Sabio was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency, where he worked as a Special Agent in Counter Terrorism. Later in his career, he was selected as a Counterintelligence Officer and oversaw CI operations in the Gulf Region as Deputy Chief Counter Intelligence [2]. Now, Sabio is a writer for Law Enforcement Today, serves as the Technical Committee Chair for the Board of Executive Protection Professionals, and recently conducted a single operator extraction of an American resident out of Ukraine during the height of the invasion [2]. He also works as a Chief Consultant in the RockFinn Group LLC, a business consulting firm [1].

Key Issues

School Safety

Sabio wants to increase security measures in schools. Sabio believes that the root cause of gun violence is an increase in mental illness and suicide rates in America rather than a lack of gun regulations. He plans to implement the use of security window film on all entry points in schools, develop a comprehensive emergency action plan unique to every school as well as hands-on training for teachers, and expand the use of the Foster Parent curriculum for “at-risk” kids for FCPS teachers and staff to identify and intervene with students displaying signs of mental health struggles [3].


Fairfax County Republican Committee


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