Anthony Trimino

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status: Challenger


Anthony Trimino is the CEO of TRAFFIK, a global advertising and marketing agency, as well as a member of the Forbes Agency Council. The company also works with local organizations to address homelessness, provide relief to families dealing with childhood illness, and support youth in the foster care system. Before establishing TRAFFIK, he was a network engineer at WordCom and held several positions at Pacific Bell. 
Trimino is the grandson of Cuban immigrants who fled the communist regime and settled in California. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, where he started his first business. He currently lives in Southern California with his wife and five children.

Key Issues

Housing and Homelessness

Trimino wants to work with community leaders, faith-based organizations, and nonprofits to address homelessness and the lack of accessible housing. 

Health and Wellness

Trimino supports a natural and holistic approach to healthcare. He also opposes COVID vaccine requirements. 

Economic Opportunity

Trimino wants to promote business and incentive manufacturing, automotive, and tech companies to stay in CA. He supports policies that cut regulations and increase sustainable growth, and opposes pandemic regulations that close businesses. 


Trimino wants to reduce the tax burden on California families. 


Trimino wants to improve the quality of education in CA. He supports education that teaches finance, investing, entrepreneurialism, writing, art, creativity, and health. Trimino also opposes teaching critical race theory in schools. 


Trimino advocates for a family-first approach to policy. He also believes that parents should have complete control over children’s health and education decisions

Role of Government

Trimino supports a broad decrease in government involvement, especially in regards to business, healthcare, and families.  



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