Arnette D. McSwain

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


McSwain has earned a BS in Criminal Justice from Mountain State University and an Associate of Science in Management from Hawaii Pacific University. She has also graduated from Liberty University with an MA in Religion and an MA in Management and Leadership [1, 3, 5].

McSwain joined the United States Army in 1990, became a Deputy Sheriff at the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office in Savannah, Georgia in 1999, and was a POST Certified Peace Officer in GA. She returned to Portsmouth in 2006 and worked at the Chesapeake City Sheriff’s Office until her retirement in 2015. McSwain is also a former substitute teacher at Portsmouth Public Schools, a licensed referral real estate agent, and a notary public.

McSwain is founder and owner of an empowerment business called the I Accept Me, Devorn Loveinme Movement, LLC. As part of this business, McSwain goes into communities and schools to discuss topics such as education, bullying, self-empowerment and vision for the future. McSwain is host of the radio show “The Love Spot” and co-host on the social media show “Real Talk with Barry, Arnette and James”.  She is secretary for The Tidewater Metro Baptist Ministers’ Conference of VA, Church and Community in Action, and the MLK, Jr. Leadership Steering Committee. She is the media technician for the Women’s Missionary & Educational Auxiliary of The Sharon Missionary Baptist Association and Allied Bodies [1, 3].

Key Issues


McSwain’s main goals are to ensure that school staff receive competitive pay, to work with teachers and stakeholders to create a curricular pacing guide that allows for creativity and flexibility in teaching, expanding technical education, and to work for all citizens in a fair, equal, and respectful manner [2, 3, 4].

McSwain believes that the relationship between the School Board and City Council can be improved with effective communication, respect, and trust [5].


McSwain believes it is the responsibility of the school division to ensure all students and staff can adapt to the virtual learning environment, and that the division should adapt to changing needs through trial and error implementation [5].


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