Ashby L. Lamb-Gomez

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Ashby L. Lamb-Gomez has resided in Greene County for several years. Lamb-Gomez attended William Monroe High School and continued her academic years at Liberty University, earning a bachelor in Business Administration [2, 3]. Lamb-Gomez served 4+ years in the U.S. Army & Air Force and 7 years as Chief Deputy under Greene County [4]. Lamb-Gomez, in late 2022 became interim clerk of court, carrying the tasks of former clerk of court Susan E. Duckworth [2].

Key Issues


Lamb-Gomez plans to serve the Greene County area with the same work ethic as when serving as the interim clerk of court. She is also willing to do the necessary and extra training for the role [3].


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