Audrey Clement

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Audrey Clement graduated with a BA in fine arts from the University of Pennsylvania, also receiving a PhD in political science from Temple University in 1993, with a specialization in American voting behavior. Clement has lived in the D.C. area for over twenty-five years and is an eighteen-year resident of Arlington County. Clement has worked primarily as a statistical programmer in SAS for various government agencies [1, 4].

Clement has also worked in politics through the Arlington Transportation Commission and Arlington Coalition for Sensible Transportation, both of which she served on. Clement’s lobbying work includes support for local, state, and national legislation for the resolution of environmental issues and for fiscal restraint in the management of local budgets [1].

Clement has previously run for election in 2014 for an at-large seat on the Arlington County School Board, and has run unsuccessfully in 11 consecutive county board elections. Clement was formerly associated with the Green Party [7, 8].

Key Issues


Clement wants to call for a tax rebate for homeowners based on the significant increase in real estate tax which they experienced during the pandemic, as well as to promote local economic development through insisting that Arlington County complies with Executive Order 12072, which specifies that federal agencies use dedicated office space in Arlington and Washington D.C. [1].


Clement wants to restore a tax credit for renovating market rate affordable apartments, as well as limit the expansion of “Missing Middle” housing, or the replacement of single-family homes with duplexes and townhouses [1].


Clement wants to limit the further development of impervious surfaces through strict enforcement of the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act [1].


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