Audrey Clement

Key Facts

Party Independent
Status Challenger


Audrey Clement earned a Ph.D. in Political Science from Temple University and taught political science as a doctoral candidate. She served on the Arlington Coalition for Sensible Transportation from 2006 through 2021 and the Arlington Transportation Commission from 2018 through 2021. Clement worked as a Congressional Fellow for the 100th Congress under the House Education subcommittee [1]. She has lobbied for legislation promoting an environmentally-focused agenda. She currently works as a statistical programmer [3]. Clement falsely reported to news outlets that she was 52, but when confronted with government records that showed her true age to be 72, she argued that asking for her age was discrimination and violated her right to privacy [8].

Key Issues


Clement supports tax relief for homeowners, especially those who faced a real estate tax increase during the pandemic, and businesses [1]. She is against regressive real estate taxes [5].


Clement wants to restore the tax credit for renovation of multi-family dwellings (e.g. apartments), which was revoked by the County Board in 2020 [1, 3].


Clement advocates for an increase in enrollment capacity within Arlington Public Schools and a reduction in the minority student achievement gap [1, 4].


Clement looks to strictly enforce the Chesapeake Bay Reservation Act to prevent further loss of the County’s open, green space [1, 3].

Gun Policy

Clement opposes the ban on blanket guns and supports the right to bear arms on public property [1].

Law Enforcement

Clement looks to reverse cuts to police staffing and funding [1].


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