Beau Wright

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


Beau Wright received his High School Diploma from E.C. Glass High School [4]. Wright went on to attend William & Mary, graduating with a bachelor’s in Government and History [3]. 

Wright has interned for Virginia Delegates, Senators, and Congressmen as well as the Secretary of the Senate. He served as Youth Program Manager for Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership at the University of Virginia [3]. Wright also served various roles in the White House for 5 years. His last role there was Senior Deputy Director of Operations and Director for Finance [1, 3, 4]. Wright serves as Director of Operations for Project Democracy [3, 7].

Wright currently serves on the boards of the Central Virginia Metropolitan Planning Organization, Virginia First Cities, the Pierce Street Gateway Project, and the Endstation Theater Company. He also serves on the development committee for Lynchburg Beacon of Hope [4].

Key Issues


Wright supports all business sizes and wants to attract new business, through neighborhood revitalization, innovative public-private partnerships, and workforce development [1].

Wright supports paid parental leave. He advocated for City of Lynchburg employees to receive six weeks of paid parental leave upon the birth, adoption, or placement of a child [5].

Wright supports a wage increase for City of Lynchburg employees [5].


Wright supports investments in Lynchburg City Schools. He also wants education to be equal across Lynchburg schools and neighborhoods. Wright has worked towards this by coordinating with Lynchburg Students RISE, the school board, and Superintendent [1,  5].


Wright wants to increase quality of life by reducing poverty in Lynchburg. He plans on working with leaders and activists across Lynchburg to develop and implement solutions [1].


Wright supports the College Lake Dam Removal Project. He believes that it will increase resident safety, restore College Lake to a wetlands environment, and cultivate a healthy ecosystem throughout the watershed [5].


Wright does not support climate change denial. He has called out politicians who deny climate change on social media [8].


Wright supports the 2023 Lynchburg budget, which includes tax relief for citizens; more positions and better pay in the Fire Department, Emergency Services, Public Works, and Water Resources; increased funding for public education, including a 5% wage increase for Lynchburg City Schools staff; and historic investments in critical infrastructure, including a new police department headquarters and sewer for Richland Hills [5].


Lynchburg Voters League


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