Becky Daggett

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Becky Daggett graduated from Northern Arizona University with a bachelor’s in Public Relations and a master’s in Sustainable Communities and Development with honors. Daggett became a customer service representative for the Arizona Federal Credit Union and then moved to the SELCO Community Credit Union until 1995. She was an executive assistant with Grand Canyon Trust and the executive director of the Friends of Flagstaff’s Future. Afterwards, she worked as the Business Retention and Executive Manager for the City of Flagstaff and was the Executive Director of two arts organizations—Flagstaff Arts Council and the Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy [5].

In 2020, Daggett was elected to the Flagstaff City Council and was selected as vice mayor [4]. She currently directs organizing efforts for the statewide Stop Dark Money campaign in the Coconino and Mohave Counties [2].

Key Issues


Becky Daggett opposes funding from corporations in electoral races. She has organized regional efforts in northern Arizona against the use of “dark money.” Additionally, she previously worked with the Stop Dark Money campaign [2].


Daggett wants to increase the amount of affordable housing in Flagstaff to ensure that employers continue to stay in the city. She wants to reduce the cost of living and working in the city [1].


Daggett has voiced support for maintaining the ecology of Flagstaff to protect the city’s water and air. Daggett wants to prevent extensive droughts and wildfires. Daggett looks to increase access to public transportation to limit carbon emissions. She also wants to create retrofits of municipal buildings and increase the production of renewable energy [1].


Daggett wants to create workforce training and education programs. Additionally, she wants to develop infrastructure to stimulate economic growth, especially through development of local businesses [1].


Daggett supports greater investment in land use planning through parks and recreation investment. She wants to use the arts to create value for the Flagstaff economy by incorporating investment in the arts to education [1].


Ari Wilder, Executive Director, Friends of Camp Colton; Ken Lamm Chair, High Country Humane Board Former Chair, Arizona Community Foundation of Flagstaff Founding member, STEM City; Al White, Former Flagstaff City Councilmember; Amee Byers, Shanti Salon; Nat White, Retired astronomer, Lowell Observatory Former Flagstaff City Councilmember; Liz Bohlke and Diane Jarvis, Board members, High Country Humane; Cristy Zeller, Executive Director Haven Montessori School; Elizabeth Vogler, Founder, Biz Fit


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