Benita Beckles

Key Facts

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Benita Beckles graduated with a Bachelor’s in Sociology from Hampton University and a MA in Education from George Washington [6]. Currently, she is the president of Potential Plus, LLC [4]. Beckles retired from the City of Detroit as a human resources manager and City of Phoenix as a senior human resources analyst. She also retired as a group commander, having served 30 years as a commissioner in the Air Force and Air Force Reserves [1].Beckles is a current member of: Goodyear’s Faith and Community Roundtable, Goodyear’s Community Action Network [3], The Tuskegee Airmen Inc., Military Officers Association, and various public service organizations [1]. She is a self-published author with a workbook titled The Self Discovery Workbook [2].

Key Issues


Beckles supports achieving financial stability [1] and bringing in businesses/organizations to provide living wage jobs [5].

Public Safety

Beckles wants to monitor police/fire [10] and expand public safety resources and bring funding to public safety institutions [1]. Beckles works with the city’s Goodyear Action Network to open lines of communication between the police and the community [3].


Beckles supports reviewing city resources for long-term planning [1].


Beckles wants to build more and diverse multi-family housing and apartments [5].


Beckles believes in monitoring water resources, especially through the Water Conservation Committee [5].


Beckles supports building new recreational facilities. She works with Vision and Sound to diversify Arts in the West Valley [1].


Beckles supports citizens’ surveys and talking to citizens to involve them in the decision-making process [10]. She supports increased communication between the police and the community [5].


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