Bernadette Labat

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Bernadette Labat graduated with an MBA with an emphasis in sales and marketing. She currently owns and operates Used Tools and More, a small business [1]. Labat has a Real Estate license in Arizona [2]. 

Key Issues


 Labat wants to increase code enforcement especially with affordable housing to keep properties maintained. She wants to advise the city how to deal with the homeless to best aid the community [1]. 


Labat wants to increase the amount of activities and celebrations in the town to build a community [1].


Labat wants to attract businesses to Youngtown through a business forum and provide networking [1]. 


Labat supports The Village Reporter and wants to inform residents of Town Council meetings [1].


No endorsements could be found. 


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2 Youngtown AZ
3 AZ Central