Bien Doan

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Bien Doan has lived in San Jose’s seventh district for 36 years. He has earned two postsecondary degrees in Project Management and Psychiatric Tech (Licensed Vocational Nurse). For 27 years, Doan has served as a firefighter, and has worked as Fire Captain for 11 years. He is also the co-founder and President of Vietnamese American City Employees (VACE), board member of the Asian-American Women’s Alliance, and a regular volunteer at a COVID vaccination clinic. Doan’s family immigrated to the United States from Vietnam in 1975, and he is the firstVietnamese Fire Captain in the history of the San Jose Fire Department [1].

Key Issues


Doan supports increasing access to rehabilitation-focused therapy, mental health services, and job placement programs. He also supports cost-effective modular housing solutions [1].

Public Safety

Doan wants to increase police department staffing through incentive programs, competitive wages, health insurance, and retirement benefits. He wants to emphasize youth-focused community programs [1].


Doan believes that reducing the monetary cost and time needed for businesses to obtain commercial permits will “broaden the tax base without increasing rates.” He wants to lower tax rates for large local businesses [1].


Doan does not support SB 9 (the California HOME Act) because he believes that “adding multiple units to existing single-family lots would place a burden on infrastructure, reduce tree canopy, and increase traffic.” He supports San Jose’s current Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) program, and wants to make existing dwellings in basements and garages more capable of obtaining city permits [1].


Doan supports cleaner public parks and wants to hold local utilities providers accountable for recurring wildfires. He supports the incentivization of clean energy sources [1].


Santa Clara County Association of Realtors; Silicon Valley Biz PAC; Families & Homes San Jose; Dev Davis: San Jose Councilmember; Tam Nguyen: Fmr. San Jose Councilmember; Johnny Kamis: Fmr. San Jose Councilmember; Frank Diaz: Fmr. San Jose Fire Department Firefighter; Ben Ho: Fmr. Division Chief, State Fire Marshal; Colleen Muhollen: Fmr. Deputy Chief, San Jose Fire Department


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