Bill Spence

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Bill Spence is a Military Veteran. He served for almost 24 years, joining the military after high school and retiring in 2010. He was Lieutenant Commander Nuclear Engineering Officer in the U.S. Navy. After retiring, he served on an elementary school PTO and the HOA board. He also started a small consulting business for construction advice [1]. From March 2020 to November 2020, he was a member of the Gilbert Town Council, where he served as the Council Liaison to the Veterans Advisory Committee [3][4].

Key Issues


Spence opposes a primary property tax for Gilbert. He supports maintaining the current tax structure and opposes the implementation of an increase in the secondary property tax rate [1].


Spence wants to advocate for responsible housing development. He opposes the building of more high-density apartments and states that he will challenge requests to build them. Spence supports the maintenance of a small-town feel in Gilbert and factoring that into city growth decisions [1].

Public Safety

Spence supports the current performance of Gilbert Police and Fire Departments. He wants to provide these departments with training and sufficient equipment, and wants them to be diverse [1].


Spence supports building infrastructure now to accommodate for future technological advancements. He opposes efforts to rebuild infrastructure in Gilbert and hopes to maintain current roads [1]. He wants to examine the timeframe of infrastructure of projects and delay their implementation if there is not sufficient funding [2].


West & Southeast Realtors of the Valley


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