Billy Bates

Key Facts

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Billy M. Bates is a student at George Mason University who is studying to become a physics major. In his senior year in High School, Bates served as the high school liaison to Fairfax city’s Environmental Sustainability Committee. In 2020, he worked as a volunteer leader with the Elizabeth Warren presidential campaign and the Virginia coordinated campaign. Bates has interned for State Delegate Alfonso Lopez’s campaign OneVirginia2021 and Congressman Gerry Connolly’s campaign. Bates also volunteered for the Fairfax County Democratic Committee and the campaign of Democratic-endorsed at-large Fairfax County School Board member Abrar Omeish. He is now involved with Fairfax City Citizens for Smarter Growth and the local chapter of Best Buddies International [1, 5].

Key Issues


Bates is against donations from development contractors, firms and attorneys involved with land use issues and city services. He supports the right for city residents to vote for at least the at-large members of the Fairfax County School Board. Bates wants to ensure municipal elections are held on the same day as the presidential and midterm elections every even-numbered year to maximize turnout [1].


Bates prioritizes development of new trails and sidewalks to promote walking and biking as alternatives to driving. Bates supports more sustainable and walkable development, increase in green space, and improvement of intersections and street grids that eliminate traffic bottlenecks [1].

He supports more community gardens and composting piles. Bates opposes new development on Chesapeake Bay Resource Protection Areas or floodplains lacking sufficient mitigation efforts. He wants to preserve green space and natural environments and practice sustainable building to earn as much Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification as possible [1].

He also prioritizes projects that help keep residential property taxes low. Bates wants to develop a roadmap with the goal of 100% renewable energy by 2035 and all electric buses [1].


Bates supports restoration and repositioning of buildings with cultural significance as opposed to demolition and redevelopment. He wants to redevelop the five activity centers located adjacent to city/county lines to create urban centers for diverse residential, hotel, retail, and office uses [1].


Bates prioritizes affordable housing and opposes developments that would lead to a net decrease in such housing. He wants to develop a diverse range of housing options for all stages of residents’ lives [1].


Bates wants to continue free City-University Energysaver (CUE) bus service beyond the current multi-year pilot program [1].


Bates wants to encourage the relocation of businesses to the city. He supports incubation initiatives for small businesses, especially firms owned by women and minorities. Bates supports studying options for a progressive real estate tax structure based on owner income or property value. Bates wants to develop a collective bargaining agreement for city employees [1]​.


Bates supports studying costs and options for universal preschool and childcare [1].

Gun Policy

Bates wants to ban guns in any places open to the public, such as streets and sidewalks, or events that require a permit [1]. He also wants to upgrade a violation of gun bans in city parks and buildings from a class 4 misdemeanor (punishable by a fine of up to $250) to a class 1 misdemeanor (punishable by up to 12 months in jail, a fine of up to $2500, or both) [1].


Bates supports vaccine and booster mandates for all city employees unless qualified for an exemption [1].

Public Safety

Bates wants to implement “Walk facing traffic” signs along roads, especially for students, and “Use audible signal when passing pedestrians” signs for bikes.

Health Care

Bates wants to reintroduce clinics, including women’s health clinics, in all commercial and industrial zones and reclassify them as medical offices [1].


Bates supports improvement projects for school infrastructure, such as school roofs.

Law Enforcement

Bates supports a law enforcement civilian review panel with powers to make binding disciplinary decisions, review internal investigations, discuss the department budget, and investigate citizen complaints, incidents involving police or civilian employees, and department policies and practices.


 Bates wants to ban city staff from inquiring about immigration status [1].


Bates supports a policy requiring city employees to refer to residents by preferred pronouns and provide informational material on doing so [1].


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