Blaizen Buckshot Bloom

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Blaizen Buckshot Bloom graduated from Deep Creek High School in 2021. Bloom has previously worked as a founding fellow at Civics Unplugged and on advocacy efforts in City Hall and the School Administration Building [1]. As an activist, Bloom led initiatives to establish community-led advisory boards and oppose overdevelopment within the city [2]. Bloom is currently an Ocean and Earth Sciences major at Old Dominion University [3].

Key Issues


Bloom wants to implement programs aimed at increasing teacher recruitment, including Loan Forgiveness and Teacher Residency Programs, facilitating partnerships with local universities to offer job guarantees to current college students. Bloom seeks to improve existing teachers through mentorship programs, group discussions, and online courses [1]. Bloom is in favor of hosting town hall discussions and training for school administrative officials, as well as funding paid office hours for teachers to work with the families of their students. Bloom advocates for increased support networks for teachers through raising the starting salary for science teachers and providing competitive bonuses [1].


Bloom supports greater cohesion between schools and communities by establishing committees led by parents, students, and teachers. Bloom wants to establish a Community Input & Collaboration Advisory Committee and a School Specific Advisory Committee that will garner community input and increase awareness of school resources [1].


Previously, Bloom led a rally protesting the school board’s inaction in making revisions to Virginia’s transgender policy [5]. 

Mental Health

Bloom is in favor of addressing mental illness in Chesapeake City through expanding access to guidance counselors, social workers, and nurses and performing an annual screening of mental illness for youth. Bloom also wants to implement a new curriculum to de-stigmatize mental illness. Composed of 3 modules to be completed in one week, Bloom supports similar efforts to help students self-identify symptoms of declining mental health [1]. In the past, Bloom led an initiative to require annual training for mental health professionals and give parents the right to override their child’s preferred name and pronouns [4]. 


Hampton Roads Green Party


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