Bob Good

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Incumbent


Bob Good holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and a master’s degree in business administration from Liberty University. Good was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, but moved to Lynchburg, Virginia, when he was nine years old. He worked for Citi Financial for 17 years and was Senior Associate Athletics Director at Liberty University before running for office in 2019. While in office, Good served on the House Committee on Budget and the Committee on Education and the Workforce.

Key Issues


Good supports free and open markets, believing that limited government intervention will lead to growth in the American economy and more jobs. Additionally, he wants low taxes, deregulation, affordable plentiful energy produced in America, and fair trade. He has praised former President Trump’s decision to leave the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and replace it with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).


Good supports stronger border security and a wall along the southern border. He also supports a merit-based system of processing new immigrants. He wants to end foreign aid to countries who do not attempt to stop illegal immigration from their country to the U.S.


Good is pro-life and opposes using taxpayer money for abortions. He has expressed support for defunding Planned Parenthood.

Gun Policy

Good supports the Second Amendment and opposes any form of gun control legislation including red flag laws, one-handgun-a-month laws, and universal background checks.


Good believes in the production of energy in the U.S. and opposes heavy reliance on foreign energy. While stating that he is open to renewable energy sources, he maintains that the government should not subsidize renewables. He opposes climate policies and agreements such as the Green New Deal and the Paris Climate accord.


Donald Trump, Former President; Les Adams, State Delegate; Kathy Byron, State Delegate; Matt Fariss, State Delegate; Nick Freitas, State Delegate; Danny Marshall, State Delegate; Wendell Walker, State Delegate; Tommy Wright, State Delegate; Amanda Chase, State Senator; Steve Newman, State Senator; Mark Peake, State Senator; Frank Ruff, State Senator; Chris Faraldi, Lynchburg City Councilman; Jeff Helgeson, Lynchburg City Councilman; John Hinkle, Appomattox County Supervisor; Charla Bansley, Bedford County Supervisor; Bob Davis, Bedford County Supervisor; John Sharp, Bedford County Supervisor; Kenny Brown, Campbell County Supervisor; Justin Carwile, Campbell County Supervisor; Matt Cline, Campbell County Supervisor; Dale Moore, Campbell County Supervisor; Steve Schockley, Campbell County Supervisor; Tony Reeves, Charlotte County Supervisor; Gene Brooks, Cumberland County Supervisor; Chris Fairchild, Fluvanna County Supervisor; Tim Dudley, Pittsylvania County Supervisor; Ronald Scearce, Pittsylvania County Supervisor; Ann Parker, Campbell County School Board Member; Andrew Pullen, Fluvanna County School Board Member; Charles Rittenhouse, Fluvanna County School Board Member; Mike Miller, Bedford County Sheriff; Whit Clark, Campbell County Sheriff; Darryl Hodges, Cumberland County Sheriff; Vance Wilkins, Former Speaker of the Virginia House and Chairman; Christian Raymond, Appomattox County Republican Committee Chairman; Tim Griffin, Bedford County Republican Committee Chairman; Doug Barringer, Campbell County Republican Committee Chairman; Noah Davis, Charlotte County Republican Committee Chairman;Cliff White, Cumberland County Republican Committee Chairman; Darrell Byers, Fluvanna County Republican Committee Chairman; Mike Hankins, Lunenburg County Republican Committee Chairman; Carlton Ballowe, Nelson County Republican Committee Chairman; Will Pace, Mayor of Chatham;  Diana Shores, Prince Edward County Republican Committee Chairman


Bob Good

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