Bob Huddleston

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


Huddleston began his career with the Casa Grande Police Department as a patrol officer and became a police chief in 1999. He worked as Casa Grande Police Chief until his retirement in 2013. Huddleston is now a judge pro tempore in the Pinal County justice system [1]. He was elected to the Casa Grande city council in 2018 [3].

Huddleston is currently the president of the Board of Directors of Horizon Health and Wellness. He was previously a volunteer of the Mayor’s Reading Club, where he visited Casa Grande public schools. He was a board member on the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission and the president of the Pinal County Law Enforcement Association [1]. In 2021, he was the mayor pro tempore of Casa Grande [5].

Key Issues


Huddleston believes the influx of companies like Lucid Motors is because of the balance within the community and wants to maintain this balance. In order to do this, Huddleston wants to provide employees with amenities and services to keep them happy [3].


Huddleston opposes a tax increase on tourists because he does not want to increase the price of visiting Casa Grande. He wants to work with the Chamber of Commerce, Central Arizona College, Central Arizona Regional Economic Development Foundation, and Arizona WorkForce in partnerships with the city. He also wants to leave the decision of increasing taxes up to a vote by citizens through a general obligation bond election or sales tax initiative. Huddleston wants to market the community and maintain impact fees. He believes the practice of multinational companies buying and renting homes will succeed if it is popular and is not opposed to the practice [3].


Huddleston wants to continue funding Police and Fire Departments and ensure that they continue to receive the same amount of resources. Huddleston is generally supportive of the current allocation of the budget [3].


Huddleston bases his morality on Christian values and beliefs. He considers churches to be essential during local or national emergencies and is in favor of zoning of churches being approved for residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Huddleston believes churches are valuable to Casa Grande and wants to ease zoning regulations and grant tax exemptions or benefits to churches [4].

Reproductive Rights

Huddleston is pro-life. He does not support funding for women’s clinics where women could obtain an abortion, ultrasound, adoption, or counesling [4].


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