Bob Morris

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Bob Morris graduated from Arizona State University in Chemical Engineering [2]. He was first elected to Cave Creek Town Council in 2018 [5]. Morris has been a chemical engineer, business strategist, financial analyst, and executive manager [3]. Currently, Morris is retired [7].

Morris started his political journey as a member of the Water Advisory Committee in 2012 [1]. His work with creating a clean water system in Phoenix continued during his time on the Town Council [3]. 

Morris is also a member of the Cave Creek Rodeo Committee [2].

Key Issues


Morris supports the Cave Creek and Desert Hills Water System plans and the Phoenix water back up project [3]. He believes in increasing costs for high water usage and adding new subdivisions for water conservation [6]. Morris has served 6 years on the Water Advisory Committee since 2012 [1], engaging in projects for cleaner water and a water system in Phoenix [3].


Morris supports the town gaining ownership of the Rodeo grounds. He also wants to increase the number of rodeo events [2].

Public Safety

Morris believes in providing a fire department with no new taxes. He intends to use the town savings, loans, and tax revenue to pay for new fire trucks, equipment, firefighter salaries, etc [2]. During his time on the Town Council, Morris has worked to provide fire and emergency services with no new taxes [3].


Morris does not support the Town subsidizing new development [2] and wants to increase financial transparency [7].


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