Bobbi Buchli

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Bobbi Buchli graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Accounting from Mesa Community College and later received her brokers, real estate license from the Arizona School of Real Estate [2]. 

Currently, she is the owner of Arizona Lakeview Realty Inc. and an associate broker at Coldwell Banker Realty [2]. Buchli has held a few positions over the years, serving as: member of Citizen’s Advisory Board for Gilbert, AWSA Western Regional Council Representative for Arizona and New Mexico, United Way Volunteer, and partner in residential development in Gilbert [4].

Key Issues


Buchli supports helping small businesses [3] and bringing in larger corporations to increase job opportunities [4].

Gun Policy

Buchli is pro-Second Amendment [3].


Buchli supports turning government spending to the interest of the Town and not developers [4] and balancing the budget [9].

Reproductive Rights

Buchli is pro-life [3].


Buchli supports the government having information, research, plans, etc. available for residents to view and offer suggestions on [4] to increase transparency [3]. She believes in increasing speaking time for residents at meetings to address their concerns [4].

Public Safety

Buchli supports protecting the Police, Ambulance, and Fire departments [3] and implementing a crime lab [4].


Buchli supports developing a limited number [9] of smaller two to three-level apartments–she hopes to provide additional housing while keeping Gilbert’s small-town look [4]. She believes in including more residential affordable housing [10].


Buchli does not support a commuter rail in Gilbert [3]. Instead, Buchli supports using the Transportation bond to increase transportation avenues like bus lanes/stops, adding motorcycle lanes, and expanding and maintaining freeways and roads [9].


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