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Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
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Obayomi graduated with a BA in Political Science from The State University of New York and later received an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University and MA in International Affairs from Brooklyn College [4]. Currently, he works as a manager at Deloitte Consulting [3] and is the founder and principal consultant of New Zeal Intl, a technology company. 

Obayomi is a small-business owner, business/management consultant, and the president and co-founder of the Maricopa Republican Foreign Policy Club. He is involved with the Community Board for Youth and Education. He has served on the Gilbert Leadership Board and Bethler Chandler Church [2]. He also served as LD 12 Republican Precinct and Arizona Republican State Committeeman [4]. Obayomi previously unsuccessfully ran for Town Council in 2020 [7].

Key Issues


Obayomi supports increased accountability and transparency to rebuild the residents’ trust [4] and bridge different cultures [1]. Obayomi supports using his experience in technology [12] to create a dialogue with residents on issues such as residents’ privacy [2] and increase the town’s responsiveness to residents [9].


Obayomi supports addressing growing apartment and multi-family housing developments to manage the growth of Gilbert [6]. He believes in having a balance of construction of multi-family homes and having suitable parameters for apartments being zoned [9].


Obayomi supports investing and improving infrastructure to manage growth, ease traffic congestion, and maintain parks, pools, etc [4]. He believes in maintaining safe roads to prevent collisions [9]. Obayomi supports smart and resident-driven development [4].


Obayomi supports sponsoring and investing in arts and culture to maintain Gilbert’s heritage [9]. He believes in having gold standard parks and recreation [8] and other centers to support families [9].


Obayomi supports lower taxes, the growth of small businesses [2], and improved government spending. Obayomi believes in prioritizing supporting current businesses and attracting new businesses to bring high-paying jobs and maintain a strong business climate. Obayomi supports improving partnerships between the town government, businesses, and business organizations to understand issues regarding Gilbert’s workforce and develop workforce development programs [4].


Obayomi supports prioritizing increased funding for public and charter schools [2]. He supports promoting educational opportunities to educate the workforce to upskill [9] and providing career and technical education programs. Obayomi believes in giving parents a voice in their child’s education, expanding education freedom, and opposes Critical Race Theory curriculum [5].

Law Enforcement

Obayomi supports providing tools and resources for first responders [4] and funding the Gilbert police force and firefighters [6]. He supports promoting partnerships between law enforcement and the community. Obayomi believes in being competitive with pay and benefits to retain police officers and firefighters [9].


WeSERV Association of Realtors; Maricopa County Foreign Policy Club


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