Buta Biberaj

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


Buta Biberaj graduated from George Mason University with a BS in education and a JD in general legal studies. She formerly worked as a lawyer under her lawfirm Biberaj Snow & Sinclair, PC. Biberaj also has experience as an elementary school teacher and senior public defender. She has served as the Commonwealth’s Attorney for Loudon County since 2020. There have been efforts to recall Biberaj and other commonwealth attorneys from their positions since 2021, due to claims of high turnover rates and “failure to enforce the law” [1, 2, 3, 4]. 

Key Issues

Gun Policy

Biberaj supports stricter gun laws and hopes to ban assault rifles and enforce gun lock laws and background checks. She believes the insufficiency of safe gun laws is the most pressing issue facing the county [4].


Biberaj wants to end school to prison pipelines by strengthening relationships between schools and court systems to create diversion opportunities. She supports school discipline within the school system and not funneling into the court system. Biberaj is against mass incarceration [1].


Biberaj wants to be transparent to the community and supports better usages of taxpayer dollars in transparent ways. She wants to prioritize data collection on the costs of incarceration and provide it to the community. Biberaj wants to foster trust between the community and the justice system to increase safety [1, 4].


Loudoun County Democratic Committee; Justice and Public Safety PAC; New Va Majority; Working Families Party National PAC; People for the American Way


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