Byron Brown

Key Facts

Party Buffalo Party
Status Incumbent


Brown was born and raised in Hollis, Queens, and educated in the NYC public school system. He graduated from August Martin High School and attended the State University of New York College at Buffalo where he got his dual bachelor’s degrees in political science and journalism. After that, Brown decided to stay in Buffalo., Mayor Brown served on the New York State Senate and was elected to the Buffalo City Council in 1995.

Key Issues


Mayor Brown has created the Department of Economic Development, Permit & Inspection Services which aims to provide greater coordination and cooperation regarding development activities in the city of Buffalo.

Criminal Justice

Mayor Brown launched the Zero Tolerance Law Enforcement initiative in order to target quality of life crimes and other criminal activity in the city.

Public Safety

Mayor Brown signed a six point statement focused on punishing gun possession to the maximum extent allowed by the law. Brown wants to stem gun crime and get illegal guns off the streets. He also wants to prosecute dealers who knowingly sell guns to criminals and opposes bills restricting cities’ access to gun-tracing data and endorse technologies to detect illegal guns.


Mayor Brown has spent part of the budget on LEAD, the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion Plan as part of the city’s overall reform of the police department. He wants to drop residential property tax and increase commercial property tax.


Mayor Brown wants to prioritize providing internet to kids and lead pipe replacement.


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