Carden Summers

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Incumbent


Carden Summers has served in the Georgia State Senate since 2020 [2]. He also serves on four committees and is secretary of the Retirement Committee.
He has owned SummerCo Realty & Development since 1987 [1].

Key Issues


Summers opposes critical race theory in schools. He has supported more parental involvement in the educational system [3][4].


Summers believes in increased investigation of allegations of election fraud and election crimes by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation [4].

Public Safety

Summers advocates for increased support for law enforcement with more tax funding [3].


Summers supports tax reductions, having suspended taxes on gas. He has helped pass legislation exempting some farming aircraft from required taxes [4].

Gun Policy

Summers believes in the right to carry concealed firearms without a permit as long as the carrier has no record of a felony [3][4].


Summers has introduced legislation to prohibit LGBTQIA+-related topics in primary schools [3].


Summers promotes mental health care accessibility [3][4].


National Rifle Association [3]