Carly Whalen Story

Key Facts


Whalen has been a longtime member of the Hamburg community, living and attending schools in Hamburg during her childhood. Whalen would later attend Canisius College, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and received a master’s in social work from SUNY Buffalo. Whalen has since worked as a Mental Health Specialist in Mental Health Advocated of WNY and Adoption Star Inc.

Key Issues


As a Councilwoman, Whalen will work to help the Hamburg community by working to listen to the concerns of residents and pushing for more needs being met for community members.

Environmental Reform/Climate Change

As a Councilwoman, Whalen would use the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority Clean Energy Communities program to fund Hamburg’s access to clean energy projects, helping out the community’s living environment.

Social Programs

One of Whalen’s main goal as a Councilwoman would be to create more social programs that focus on topics such as mental health and recreational activities, prompting a better living experience for those living in Hamburg.


Whalen as a Councilwomen would work to keep the government as organized and as transparent than ever in efforts keeping residents in the loop of what happening in their local government.

Small Businesses

Whalen is in support of more money from the economy being put into small businesses because she feels that it pushes residents to stay in communities like Hamburg, it pushes for more civic engagement like in activities like voting/ reform efforts and small businesses could lead to lower crime/mortality/obesity rates.