Caroline M. “Carrie” Rist

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Caroline Rist graduated from Western Illinois University with a BA in English Language and Literature, from Handong International Law School (HILS) with a Doctor of Law, and from The George Washington University Law School with a Master of Law. She is also a Fullbright Scholar. Rist is currently the Vice President of Compliance of 22nd Century Technologies Inc. [1, 2, 3, 6]. She is a military spouse and has worked internationally on human rights advocacy. Rist has 5 school-aged children in Prince William County Public Schools and coaches her son’s soccer team [1, 3, 6]. She has been arrested two times for shoplifting, with one arrest when she was 19 and the other when she was 30. When Rist was 39, she pleaded no-contest to leaving her two dogs unattended in her car that reached 103 degrees Fahrenheit [6].

Key Issues


Rist believes that spending must be transparent and directed towards addressing the needs of students, not wasted on “administrative bloat” or “untested and faddish programs of dubious benefit” [1, 5].


Rist believes that schools have too much focus on politics and need to focus on the below-average test scores and reading levels resulting from extended COVID-related closures and virtual learning [1, 5].


Rist supports the Virginia Department of Education’s new policies, which call for teachers and other schools staff to only refer to a student by the pronouns and names in their official record unless their parent requests a change. These policies also mandate that students only use bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their sex assigned at birth. Rist is also against withholding student information from parents [3, 5].

Parental Involvement

Rist believes school officials in the county must understand and respect that “parents are the first and most important educators of their own children” and believes that content should be age-appropriate and respectful of different parenting styles. Rist believes that parents should know exactly what students are taught in district classrooms and believes that when serious incidents occur inside a school, all families should be notified in a candid, timely manner [1, 3, 5].

School Safety

Rist believes that schools must stop the process of restorative justice and believes that the current consequences are not enough to address student misconduct [1, 3, 5].


Prince Willliam County Republican Committee; Prince William Area Young Republicans; Rich Anderson, Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia; Patti Lyman, RNC National Committeewoman for Virginia; J. Alan Neal, Bishop; Shim Jai Ok, Former Executive Director of the Korean-American Education Commission (Fulbright Korea); Nick Freitas, Delegate of the Virginia House of Delegates District 30; Mark Cole, Former Delegate of Virginia House of Delegates District 88; Willie Deutsch; former Coles District School Board Member; Lyle Beefelt, former Brentsville District School Board Member; Don Richardson, former Gainesville District School Board Member; Ruth Anderson, former Occoquan District Supervisor; Yesli Vega, Coles District Supervisor; Bob Weir, Gainesville District Supervisor; Ian Prior, National Education Advocate and Author of Parents of the World, Unite!; Jeanine Lawson, Brentsville District Supervisor


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