Carolyn Evans-Shabazz

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


Carolyn Evans-Shabazz graduated from Jack Yates High School and went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Spelman College. She later earned her master’s degree in Psychology and PhD in Education at Texas Southern University. After graduating from college, Evans-Shabazz was a teacher and Lead Evaluation Specialist in the Houston Independent School District up until her retirement in 2009. She also became the first African-American woman to chair the Houston Community College System’s Board. She has continued to work on equal rights policymaking as an Executive Committee member and Assistant Treasurer of the NAACP-Houston Branch. She has been a Houston City Council Member for District D since 2020. In her role as Councilwoman, she has led legislative efforts for the adoption of a law granting parental leave to all City of Houston workers and bolstering the enforcement of the city’s sound ordinance [1, 2]. 

Aside from policymaking, Evans-Shabazz has been a realtor for over 30 years in the Houston area. She is a member of both Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church [1].

Key Issues


Evans-Shabazz wants to prioritize fiscal spending and the city budget, looking to address issues that go beyond pension reform and pay parity [3]. She supports the use of city dollars toward public safety funding, quality of life services (police protection, firefighters, etc), efficient neighborhood recycling, park maintenance, and the modernization of library services for all Houston residents [3].


Evans-Shabazz wants to incorporate input from Houstonian civic clubs and Super-Neighborhood Councils to reduce crime, combat gentrification, find long-term solutions to assist homeless individuals, and ensure that Houston remains an affordable city for working-class Houstonians and long-time residents of Inner-Loop Neighborhoods, especially for senior citizens [3].


Evans-Shabazz wants to collaborate with Metro to build an effective regional transit system and better construct city roads. She hopes to partner with city, county, and TxDOT services to improve the coordination of road and flood control construction projects [3].

Public Safety

In collaboration with the Mayor and Council, Evans-Shabazz intends to employ technology to strengthen police protection, reduce gang violence, and give all Houstonians the opportunity to contribute to the solution. She also wants to involve community partners and wrap-around programs to provide a human touch to inhibit gang membership. Evans-Shabazz is in favor of increasing access to jobs and education as inducements to leave gangs and as a deterrent to engaging in criminal behavior. Additionally, she wants to use tablets and smartphones to increase neighborhood watch [3].


HOME-PAC, Greater Houston Builders Association; HPOU, Houston Police Officers’ Union


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