Chanel Mbala

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election


Mbala moved to the United States after completing college in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mbala graduated with an Associates Degree in Computer Systems Networking from Saint Louis Community College. He then went on to earn his Bachelors Degree in Cybersecurity from Western Governors University [1, 2]. Throughout his career, Mbala has worked in IT departments for hospitals, healthcare groups, and online security specialists. Most recently, Mbala has worked in the IT department at The Awty International School for seven years and has recently been promoted to Assistant IT Director after serving six years as a Senior Networking Technician [2]. Mbala also works as a rideshare driver in Houston [3, 4].

Key Issues


Mbala would like to create a more efficient and convenient environment for both residents and businesses by enhancing the condition of roads, bridges, and public transportation with the aim of improving connectivity and reducing traffic congestion [1, 3, 4].


 Mbala would like to embark on collaborative efforts with social service organizations, community leaders, and housing experts in order to implement programs with a focus on shelter, rehabilitation, and sustainable solutions for everybody [1, 3, 4].


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