Charles “CW” Jensen

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Charles “CW” Jensen earned a BS from Portland State University. Jensen worked in the Portland Police Bureau for 24 years, before retiring as captain and working as a TV reporter for three years for KGW in Portland. He has previously sold real estate and police barricade systems. 
Jensen volunteers for the Cave Creek Tourism Bureau [2]. In Portland, Jensen was investigated for asking for reimbursement for $150 for meals that he allegedly never purchased before his retirement [3].

Key Issues

Law Enforcement

As a former officer, Jensen advocates for law enforcement officers [3].


Jensen volunteers with the Cave Creek Tourism Bureau to promote tourism in Cave Creek [2]. He currently plans to increase business in the town core and form a committee for event ideas [4].


Jensen has worked in the real estate industry to sell homes [2].


Jensen believes the loss of Colorado River water is a top concern for Cave Creek and plans to focus on infrastructure to solve it, as well as commit to unilateral conservation. He also wants to ensure the Cave Creek Water Department has the resources it needs [4].


Jensen wants to ask each department head to provide a monthly report and communicate them to the community in order to improve transparency [4].


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