Cherie Cutler Whitehurst

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Cherie Cutler Whitehurst received her BS in Elementary Education from James Madison University in 1984. She then received her Masters in Educational Leadership from Lynchburg College in 1993. Whitehurst later earned a Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Virginia Tech in 2004. Professionally, Whitehurst was a teacher for 10 years. In 1996, she began her career as an administrator starting as the Staunton River Middle School Assistant Principal in 1996. Whitehurst has been the Principal of Staunton River High School as well as Liberty High School. Most recently, Whitehurst has been the Assistant Superintendent/Deputy Superintendent from 2009-2018. When Whitehurst was demoted from her position of Deputy Superintendent, Whitehurst sued the school system, claiming sex discrimination by Superintendent Schuch [1, 2].

Key Issues


Whitehurst advocates for a thorough evaluation of the budget to make sure money is being spent to meet students’ and teachers’ needs first. Moreover, she believes in competitive teacher salaries [1].

Public Safety

Whitehurst argues for well-maintained school facilities. Additionally, Whitehurst believes schools must have a law enforcement officer [1, 2].


Whitehurst supports Career in Technical Education (CTE) and Vocational training programs in schools. Whitehurst argues for smaller class sizes and for technology in the classroom that does not diminish the importance of teachers [1, 2].


Whitehurst believes parents are moving away from public schools because they feel they are not being properly heard in public schools. Whitehurst advocates for home-school parents to voice their opinions in an attempt to make the public schools a better option for these parents [1, 2].


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