Chris Benton

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenger


Chris Benton has chaired the Upson County Democratic Committee since 2017 and has campaigned for a Georgia State House seat twice. He is a member of the NAACP and NAAGA (National African American Gun Association).
Benton’s professional experience includes working as a multiple store supervisor at Domino’s Pizza and a member of Physicians Plus’s management team [2].

Key Issues


Benton believes that cannabis should be legalized to prevent criminal punishments for cannabis possession or business, provide medical benefits, and create economic opportunities [2].


Benton supports lowering property taxes by bringing in new revenue such as from the cannabis industry. He also advocates for higher salaries with a raise in the minimum wage and increase in labor union participation [2]. He believes in requiring paid family leave and funneling funding into stimulating economic growth [3].


Benton promotes fighting against partisan gerrymandering through an independent nonpartisan commission [2].


Benton is against budget cuts in the public school system but for both raising teacher salaries and providing faculty with more funding [2].


Benton advocates for affordable healthcare, arguing for lowering drug prices and expanding Medicaid to those who can’t afford Affordable Care Act insurance plans [4][1].


Benton prioritizes bringing Internet access to rural areas with both federal and state funding into the necessary infrastructure [2].

Reproductive Rights

Benton is pro-choice, supporting ways of addressing the issue through preventing unwanted pregnancies instead [3].


Benton wants to end gerrymandering in Georgia. He has proposed giving the responsibility of redistricting to an independent, non-partisan commission [2].


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