Chris Doughty

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Chris Doughty graduated with a B.S. in economics from Brigham Young University in 1987. At BYU, he served as the Elected President of the Student Body. He took two gap years and became a volunteer for his church in southern Argentina. Following that, Doughty earned his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1989. 
His professional experience includes serving on the Board of Directors for the Metal Power Industry Federal, Franklin Interfaith Council, and The Old Colony Council of the Boy Scouts. He also serves as the President of Capstan Atlantics, which is the largest East Coast manufacturer of metal parts for automobiles and appliance industries. Capstan Atlantics consists of around 300 skilled employees, two facilities, 130,000 square foot manufacturing plants, and also received the 2016 gold medal award for job growth and economic expansion by the Massachusetts Economic Council.

Key Issues

Quality of Life

Doughty said that he will focus on improving quality of life and affordability in Massachusetts. 

2020 Election

Doughty believes that the 2020 presidential election, whereby Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump, was legitimate. 

Covid 19

Doughty wants to adopt policies to make citizens feel safe but not controlled. He does not support vaccine mandates. His goal is to make Massachusetts a safe state that is also open for business in order to prevent citizens from moving to other states. 


Doughty has said that during his campaign he will advocate for reducing regulations and implementing common sense reforms that will decrease costs quickly and for the long term than the current government regulations and controls.


Doughty’s running mate, Kate Campanale, voted in 2018 against a ban on “conversion therapy,” which seeks to make LGBTQ+ people heterosexual, on the grounds that the bill “takes away the therapist’s ability to ask questions. Part of therapy is to dig deep, to ask questions, and this bill prevented that from happening.”


Rick K, VP of Finance at Capstan Atlantics

Representative Peter Durant, Massachusetts 6th Worcester District

Representative Mike Sotor, Massachusetts 8th Worcester District

Representative Shawn Dooley, Massachusetts 9th Norfolk District



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